The new game to boost your
self-esteem and wellbeing

Journey to your inner self & boost self-esteem and wellbeing.
Develop psychological skills for life. Based on the very latest research findings in positive psychology and digital health interventions.

Be the hero of your journey
Because your life is unique, the game gets personalised to you to develop the lifetime skills you need.
Explore your mind in a new way
Immerse yourself in new universes, discover islands, and collect fireflies to develop key psychological skills for life, such as self-esteem.
Understand who you are like never before
Get access to your psychology profile, understand yourself better and enhance your psychological wellbeing.

Your journey is about to start:

What Our Users Said

Fireflai was simply amazing. It has made a huge difference to my life and I feel well equipped to deal with the future.

– Eloise, 24 years, early tester

Fireflai helped me to work on myself as I never believed I could. I really appreciate this kind of support as my surrounding
couldn’t give me that.

– Sofia, 31 years, early tester

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