About Us

The Fireflai team is a combination of individuals tied together and strongly motivated to help every human being enhance their psychological wellbeing.

Our Mission: Empowering People by making Psychology Accessible to all


Edwige Guinet, MSc

Business, Finance, and Sales

Ex-Groupon with extensive experience in General Mgmt and BD. Started Fireflai following her personal experience struggling with mental health issues as a young adult.

Marten Strotkötter, MSc

Head of Product, Operations

Engineer and visionary. Started this project with the aim of creating a unique product to help as many people as possible improve their self-esteem and mental health, including his own.

Anja Peiffer


Digital Marketing Strategy | Purpose-driven growth | Empowering brands on a mission, worked at brands like On, the worlds fastest growing sports brand, FREITAG and FELFEL.

Maja Bertole Jeras


2D Game Artist, focusing on concept art, UI, and digital illustration. Integrating the limitless abilities of computer graphics with personal experience, knowledge, and creativity to create high-quality art assets.

Taha Boulehmi

Software Development

A lifelong programmer. Developed web platforms and mobile applications. Loves to work with companies and helping them launch and maintain their tech.


Kelly Vero

Game Development Expert

Crafting a career in game development and tech for 30 years, Kelly has worked on some of the world’s most famous franchises. She loves pushing technology to its emergent edge through education, sustainability, and imagination. Kelly works around these verticals to educate, produce and develop the growth of new technologies in a changing world from the metaverse and NFT to hardware and trust. Kelly has worked on a wide range of games: including the Tomb Raider series, Transformers and Candy Crush.

Dr. Paul Decker

UK Trained Clinical Psychologist

Paul trained as a clinical psychologist in the UK and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (from University College London) and a Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (from the University of East London). He has been working as a psychologist for over 15 years across a range of populations, including children and adolescents (where his core work currently lies), people with learning disabilities and adults.