Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy intends to provide you with clear and transparent information on how we deal with your personal data. We treat your personal data with care and we only process these in compliance with the applicable legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (see GDPR Commitment)
In the framework of the provision of Fireflai’s software and services, we process the following personal data about you:

  • your name and surname
  • your e-mail address
  • your IP address
  • your location
  • your age
  • your gender

We process your personal data for the purpose of providing you with a license to our software and services, and for updating you on any new releases of the software or changes in the terms of the license agreement.

We additionally process your name and surname, your location, gender and age for the purpose of verifying your identity to a potential survey participant.

We will not transfer your personal data to any third party without your written consent, except to the potential survey participant for the purpose of verifying your identity.

Your personal data shall be kept confidential and Fireflai provides all reasonable physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your personal data.

We take all appropriate measures to safeguard and prevent unauthorised access to your personal data, including appropriate identity management measures, pseudonymisation and anonymization where possible, encryption where needed, informing and training our employees, and regular monitoring and evaluation of our security measures.

We shall store and process your personal data no longer than reasonably required by business necessity to meet the purposes for which your personal data were collected.

You have the right to contact us to request access to your personal data or to request correction of inaccurate data or completion of incomplete data. In accordance with the conditions of applicable law, you may object to our processing of your personal data and request that we delete your personal data or restrict processing of your personal data when there is no longer a legitimate purpose for doing so. You may make any of these requests by contacting us at:

If you have a complaint about our processing of your data or the exercise of your rights, you can contact us directly, but you also have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority or the relevant court.

Any changes to this Privacy Statement will be announced on this website. The last version dates from 05th January 2023.